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Logo Designing

Logo designing is another crucial part of our Company in Designing. Logo Designing is extremely vital as it creates the first impression of any company and it is the face of any trademark. Our aim to create a responsive logo on Websites higher than just a graphic design so that the logo should be identified and applied in different promotional platforms like a digital and physical environment.

Drawings on paper: Our Graphic Designers go through the sketches to create an efficient logo primarily. Various Illustrator or paper and pen drawings help them to find ideas to reach the final stage. Our effective graphic designer spends a maximum of their time on this primary work than another step of logo designing.

Balanced logo matters: Our designers' design balanced logos of clients by maintaining the weight of graphics, sizes of logos and colors of images equal on all sides. Sometimes it would be better to break the rules of designing a balanced logo because the logo is visible by the large part of the users. A balanced logo is always pleasing and appealing.

Size of Logos Matters: Look and feel of a standard logo should neat at all sizes. Our designers are very careful about the definition of a logo as it also used in envelopes, in newsprint, and in small promotional things. The logo should look good not only on the Websites but also in large formats like posters, billboards, etc.

Uses of Colors: Logo designers understand the basic use of colors to their advantage as they have good reason to use the color combinations according to the overall tone and aspects of the brand. Knowing how color develops passions and moods is also necessary like red could be the sign of aggression, and strength, passion, and love.

Font Types matters: We are expert in making any kind of logos like some of the logo design includes text, in that case, need to spend more time to sort out through the different font styles to test them and to make the final decision. We consider strongly during custom font design for a company. Yahoo! and Coca Cola are some successful logo that has a custom design of fonts.

Recognition of Logo: The logo of a company recognizes its brand. Our logo designer tests the logo to determine as it is recognizable enough or not by using various graphic designing software and tools. Designing a recognizable and successful logo includes various elements like dimension, technique, coloring, typography, and creativity.

Challenge to be Different: We do not copy another design. To make it different, to defeat your competitor we take the risk to make the distinct style of logo. We work on different color combinations to make logos truly unique what goes best for our client.

Apply Stupidity & Simplicity: Simplicity of the logo makes it more recognizable like Ford, Nike and Apple are having a simple logo and they are acknowledgeable over the world. Usually, we observed that we begin with a nearly complex pattern and finish up with a simple version. Our design made with the company essentials and rejected by unnecessary factors.

Use of Effective Software: It is very important to use extremely powerful tools like 'Adobe Illustrator', 'Photoshop', 'Freehand', and other graphic design software to modify a perfect logo.

Being a Web Design company in India we follow some process of line with our clients in the field of logo design. First of all we through research then we generate ideas, preliminary design on paper and pen, Building component designs and then we sent the unconfirmed logo to the client. Here if clients want to attach or detach anything we do according their words respectively and then we complete the design and again submit to our client.

We focus on: Branding, Responsive Design, Logo design, etc.