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How Websites Lead Your Small Business To a Big Company

Do you have a website? No? Then you are going to have big trouble. If you are a small business holder then having a website is most important for your business, which holds an online presence of your business worldwide. 

Do you know the current world population is 7.7 billion as of September 2019 according to the most recent United Nations estimates elaborated by Worldometers and there are 4.39 billion internet users in 2019 and it increases by 366 million (9%) versus January 2018?. In short internet users are increasing day by day. 

As of January 2019, there were over 1.94 billion websites on the internet. And these website holders able to connect with billions of customers as a percentage of internet users are more than the websites on the internet. As you know, people are interested to buy anything online. 

So not owning a business website you give the impression to your customers that you are no longer in business. 

There is some reason for not having a website such as:

  • The maximum of the small business holders thinks that their business is too small to own a website.
  • Maximum of the small business holders sell their products and services using Social Media instead of websites.
  • The maximum of the business holders believes that their customers won't come via the internet. Trust me, this thought is completely wrong. 
  • The maximum of the business holders thinks that they need technical knowledge to have a website. 
  • Few business holders believe that the website is not relevant to their business industry.
  • Some business holders don’t go for a website due to a lack of human and financial issues.
  • Few are using Mobile applications instead of a website.
  • Some business holders never take account of it.
  • Few of them don’t see any kind of value in it.
  • Some of them are limited to Google My Business listings.

So please forget the old traditional (Leaflet, Newspaper Advertisement, Posters, Placard, Flyers, and brochures) way of business instead you can contact a reliable Software Company whether you have a small, big business or a startup company.

Hence if we talk about the maximum results of having a website, then activities can be accurately measured, but you can not measure the results of traditional business marketing. Hence you can calculate the actual method of marketing i.e. the calculation of ROI in the business. 

Owning a website is profitable than the traditional way of business marketing methods. Moreover, here you can reach each individual which is not possible in the case of the traditional way.

If you are selling something genuine then internet users will buy your product or services for sure, so there is no reason to think that customers do not come via the internet.

If you hire a Web Design and Development Company, their expertise will guide you from the very beginning to set-up the online presence of your business. 

There are some software companies who can assist you starting from Website Designing, Website Development, Mobile Application Development, Digital Marketing, SEO, SEM, Online Advertising on Google Ads (PPC), Website Maintenance and at the end of the month provides a growth report of your website means a growth report of your business. 

So it's not necessary that client should have to have a technical knowledge, otherwise, Rhobos IT Solutions a Software Company in Durgapur educate their clients with end to end information as client may know what they want but has no idea about how does a Software Company achieve their target so it is a responsibility to show them accurately. 

Some examples of big companies given below that developed by the aid of the eCommerce website and its online marketing campaign immediately, such as -

ButcherBox: Company was struggling in the local market with boxed meal kit as their product, later the company becomes a leading eCommerce provider of grass-fed beef. The company started earning a million dollars in a week by avoiding expensive traditional ads. 

RXBar: When one of the business people behind RXBar shared his goal-oriented field-tested strategy with his dad, the paterfamilias advised his originator child to quit speculating and start beating the asphalt, "You have to quiet down and sell 1,000 bars." That guidance, in addition to $10K in reserve funds, demonstrated to be worth $600M as Kellogg's wound up eating up the startup. 

Hence, you can see, a business can benefit from a website. Some benefits of having a website are given below- 

  • The chances of marketing increase from a local level to an international level of the audience.
  • Digital Marketing of a website saves time and labor.
  • Promoting a brand name and presenting company products and services by managing web aesthetic is possible.
  • More profitable than brick and cement.
  • It is so easy to monitor marketing progress reports and business analytics.

Now, if you are planning to own a business site then there are some important points that you should remember before hiring a Web Design and Development Company, such as-

  • Always try to publish high-quality content on-site means the content should be unique and not copied from other similar websites.
  • Ask them to develop a mobile-friendly site.
  • Ask them to build a user-friendly website.
  • Ask them to remove all the SEO errors on your site.
  • Ask them to secure your website using SSL.
  • Always check your site’s functionality, look and feel.

Feel free to reach out to us and know more about our services such as Enterprise Software Development, Mobile Application Development, Custom Software Development, Web Application Development, Website Designing, Website Development, iOS Application Development, Android Application Development, Hybrid Application Development, etc. 

Our expertise can help you after determining your business types and then finalize what options needed to your site now and in the future and then developed all the conditions according to the site’s statistics.


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