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Why Websites Are Damn Expensive?

The priority of a Website:

The website is a part of business, just depend, what kind of business are you in. Client, customer, consumer, investor, purchaser, shareholder, and bankers are equally online, so if you want a smooth business progression then you need to be too. 

The priority of a Web Design and Web Development Company:

Business owners generally hire software companies to build their desire websites, so first of all, it is important to have a good website as an output. 

Here we mentioned some points of a good website-

  • Website loads/opens quickly.
  • Easy navigation, easily finds out the menu and all the important points.
  • Readable font styles and a user-friendly copy.
  • Mobile centric website. Easily navigation on mobile phones.
  •  Easy to optimize on Google SERP.
  • And many more...


What kind of websites do you want to build?

  • Personal Websites: There are many photo sharing websites like where you can share your favorite photos for free and paid for online advertising.


  • Authors or Writers Websites: Community building websites means the sites such as social sites, forum sites and sharing websites what builds online communities between people who want to get interact with other people or group of people socially or can meet by contacting them via these sites.


  • Mobile device Websites: A blog writer writes about whatever going on in their lives like diaries, journals, business or the may write on politics and news, they share who has online access.


  • Informative Websites: Online Business Brochure: This is the normal website for the services and products of your business, it could be an eCommerce website but there are some products and services which is not sellable online such as a hairstylist, Dentist or day-care center. 


  • eCommerce website means selling products online. You don’t have to be Amazon to sell your products, there are millions of small businesses who sell their products via their eCommerce site online.


As you can see there are various types of websites so the price of the sites varies upon its features. Building a blog site is different from an online shop. The development of a small business website is less costly than an eCommerce or enterprise site that needs more pages.

Here we made a list of the sites from low price to an expensive:

Landing page

A landing page usually builds for an existing website, sometimes companies build it to promote their brand new product or to welcome their new website.

Single Page Website

On a single-page website, the functionality remains on a single page but the navigation links to different parts of the single page and its looks and feels like a real website for a non-technical person. If you are planning a custom-designed website at the economy rate then you can opt for a single-page website.

Company Profile or Brochure Website

In a brochure website minimum, 5-10 pages consist and looks and feels of the pages are similar but the formulation is different. Some of these sites demand a lot of functionality such as audio/video archives, membership portal, event calendar, etc. In the case of Brochure Website, the price range generally lies between the content from company profile A to company profile B.

Web Application (Apps)

If you are looking for unique functionality and want a business around that, it means if you are using a site with ID and Password then you are using a web application. Web application development is comprehensive and quite complex to something as complex as Facebook.

Every application is different and has its ideology of business that saves huge time during the business. So if you have a business plan with Web App and Mobile Application then choose a Software Company that offers you good software services at reasonable prices.

eCommerce Websites

In the eCommerce site there is not only customer view but also have the product information details, sorting out about what the customer is looking for, payment integration, payment card detailing, purchase details and administrative works are there. Except for these uploading new products, deleting finished goods, descriptions content, and suitable images matching the product.

This is how an expert Web Designer and Developer makes an eCommerce site a very familiar web application to the users. 

Other Charges to Live a Website:

Two more essential parts you need to live your website on the internet i.e. Domain and Hosting which is chargeable.

Domain: Domain is the name of your website and address of your website so that internet users can access your website. You can not buy a domain with the same name as it is a unique identifier such as,, etc. A domain name gives your business a professional look. It increases your brand identity and makes your site SEO ( Search Engine Optimization) friendly. 

Hosting: Web Hosting is a kind of service that allows posting domain names means the website onto the internet. So this is a kind of business service that provides the technologies to view the websites on the internet. The website is hosted or stored on a computer called a server. is a popular domain and hosting service provider. 

Plugins: Except for all these requirements, plugins, apps and other 3rd party services may need to development of a website that will add to the cost.

Maintenance: Website Designing and Developing is not a one and done deal. There are some processes to run continuously, so the maintenance and Digital Marketing of your website are vital that costs high. 

Final Suggestions: Like other investments in businesses building a website is also a vital investment where business holders get an ROI. Be judgmental about your site, give to the internet user a reason to come back to your website and convert them into your customers, and it is possible if your online presence is attractive in all directions.

We recommend starting with a strong Web Design and Development process whether you start with a simple brochure website or a revenue-generating Software-as-a-Service (Saas) company online.

If you are not sure about where to start then contact us anytime to get our full support.    


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